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Welcome to the Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Share your knowledge and experience with your peers by presenting a session at Inforum 2014—the largest community of Infor software users. Inforum 2014 is a must-attend user exchange, providing invaluable opportunities for in-depth technical education, one-on-one discussions with product and industry experts, and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, sharing, and networking. Infor and your peers want to hear from you.

Call for Papers will close June 5, 2014. All proposals must be submitted no later than this date. Accepted papers will be promoted in the conference catalog and presented at Inforum 2014. If your paper is accepted, you may receive a complimentary registration pass for the conference. Have questions about the Call for Speakers process or details? Email inforumeducation@infor.com.

Call for Papers Best Practices
Call for Papers FAQ's

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